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My Google Fiber 2Gbps Install & Info

I am lucky enough to live in a city that is now offering Google Fiber with 2Gbps down and 1Gbps up. I upgraded my account and two days later a technician was at my house with new hardware and faster speeds.

Unfortunately, being an early adopter means not having hardly any information on the hardware that they provided. This article will show some pictures of the hardware and what I have found access to so far. Feel free to comment if you have anymore information available.

What Is New

All your existing hardware with be replaced. You will get a new sleeker fiber outlet, new router and a WiFi extender.

Fiber Outlet

The new fiber outlet is much sleeker and doesn’t require power.

Google Fiber 2Gbps outlet

Technicolor GFRG300 Router

The first real difference you will see will be the router. It is much taller and bulkier but with that comes better WiFi (WiFi 6), a 10Gbps port, 4 Gigabit ports, a USB 3 port, and an SFP+ port.

You will not have to update any of your settings from your old router, the technician will port those over to the new router without any issue.

Technicolor GFRG300 ports

The bottom of the router shows the model number and other information. The QR code, at the time of writing this, unfortunately just leads to a Google 404 error page. Googling the model number turns up no official information on this router as well.

Technicolor GFRG300 bottom

My router is placed in an office upstairs so that means the WiFi extender is located downstairs in our living room.

The router does come with a 6 foot Cat 6 cable that you can use for your 10g port.

Technicolor GFEX310 WiFi Extender

Technicolor GFEX310

There is nothing involved with setting up the WiFi extender other than hitting a button on the router and then the button on the top of the WiFi extender.

Technicolor GFEX310 bottom

Router Management

Nothing changes when it comes to managing your router. You still do this via your Google Fiber account and the interface remains the same.

However, if you visit your router’s IP directly, in my case you are presented with a bit more information, but no extra control.

Technicolor GFRG300 interface
Technicolor GFEX310 Mesh Info

Unfortunately you can not rename devices on your network via this interface and renamed devices through your Google Fiber portal do not update on this interface either.

Speed Tests

I have a 2.5gbe network card (Amazon link) and running Ubuntu 20.04.

Ubuntu sees 2.5gbe card

I ran a and the Google Fiber test that is in your Fiber account > Network at the bottom. The results: Google Fiber 2gbps
Google Fiber speed test 2gbps

I, unfortunately, do not have any WiFi 6 devices to test with right now. My Nvidia Shield sees just under 300mbps with the WiFi extender nearby. There are two ethernet ports on the extender so I plan to eventually have Cat 6a ran to it to see if that improves performance for wireless devices downstairs.

I can say that the wireless coverage has improved drastically. No longer do I lose WiFi by simply walking into my backyard, which is nice for the summer sitting outside.


I have noticed that there are now three WiFi networks instead of the two I am used to. I break out my WiFi into 2.4ghz and 5ghz because I have a robot vacuum that only talks to 2.4ghz. I noticed, after the technician left, that there is also I third 5ghz SSID. This may be for WiFi 6? I have not be able to find any information on it. I may contact support today to see if they can shed light.

Update: The third 5ghz frequency appears to be related to the extender according to a user on Reddit. This SSID is not usable.

Port Forwarding

There appear to be problems with the Technicolor GFRG300 when it comes to port forwarding. On my system, I can only forward two ports successfully. Any ports added after that do not work. Reddit users have also reported port forwarding either not working or being hit or miss.

Update: I believe I have fixed my port forwarding issues. I did the following:


Overall, I am very happy with the hardware, the installation process and the quality of service of Google Fiber. I look forward to expanding out my network in the future, which will entail running Cat 6a through the house adding a switch to take advantage of the extra bandwidth on other devices where I can upgrade their network card.