How-To Improve Your Raspberry Pi Boot Time On Raspbian Lite

The Raspberry Pi boot time can be pretty bad on a default install of Raspbian Lite. This article will give you some quick tips on how to improve the boot up time without sacrificing performance or convenience and some optional tips if you do not use features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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Live Camera Streams of Hurricane Florence

If mother nature awes you like it does me then you may be interested in watching live streams of Hurricane Florence as it approaches North Carolina and South Carolina later this week. I have put together a list of my favorite streams below and will continue to update the list as new live streams are found. If you find one that is not on the list, feel free to comment below and I will happily update it.

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How-To Eat Out And Save Money

Eating out can be a sinkhole for your wallet if you aren’t careful. Major corporations and chains entire job is to take as much money as possible from you when you step inside their stores or order food for delivery. For many, the idea of cooking your own meals and shopping just isn’t realistic due to the free time that you have. My excuse is I am a single guy and hate cooking anything but chicken. So every time I eat out I try to find the cheapest ways to do this and this is what I have found. Also, this isn’t suppose to be How-To Eat Out And Save Money While Eating Healthy so if you are a health freak this article may not be for you.

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How-To Fix Microsoft Edge Is Being Used For Sharing Message

A message, “Microsoft Edge is being used for sharing. If you close Microsoft Edge, some items might not be shared.” might show up when you try to close Microsoft Edge and no matter how many times you click Close anyway, the browser window will not close. There is no complete fix for this message and no one is really sure what is causing it but there is a quick way to close the browser and then have all your current tabs reopen.

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Project Fi Review

Project Fi is a mobile virtual network operator by Google, providing phone, messaging and data services using both Wi-Fi and cellular networks belonging to Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Three (U.K.). The service was launched on April 22, 2015, for the Nexus 6 through invitations only. The invitation system was dropped in March 2016, and support for additional devices, including the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, was introduced in October 2016.

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Redirect Hard-coded DNS To Pi-hole Using EdgeRouter X

This guide will show you how to use your Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X to redirect any devices that have hard-coded DNS to your Pi-hole so that your Pi-hole can block ads and tracking on those devices. The Issue If you are running a Pi-hole on your network you more than likely are wanting every DNS query … Read moreRedirect Hard-coded DNS To Pi-hole Using EdgeRouter X

Create A Google Trends Keyword Scraper In Python

For my Bing Rewards Auto Searcher python script I was using a word list and randomly combining words to create phrases. This worked fine but I worried that the searches would be flagged by Bing because, well, they made no sense. So I looked for a way to easily gather a list of legitimate search phrases and there is no better place to get that than Google Trends. Google is nice and provides an RSS feed of their daily search trends so I went about creating a Google Trends keyword scraper that would parse that list and create a simple text file of each keyword that ends up trending. Below is the script.

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Bing Rewards Auto Searcher With Python 3

This Bing Rewards auto searcher simple Python 3 script will automatically call your default browser, open Bing and then perform 30 random searches. This script has only been tested with Windows 10 but should be able to work on Linux and MacOS. Install Python 3.7 If you haven’t already you will need to have Python … Read moreBing Rewards Auto Searcher With Python 3