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How-To Fix Microsoft Edge Is Being Used For Sharing Message

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A message, “Microsoft Edge is being used for sharing. If you close Microsoft Edge, some items might not be shared.” might show up when you try to close Microsoft Edge and no matter how many times you click Close anyway, the browser window will not close. There is no complete fix for this message and no one is really sure what is causing it but there is a quick way to close the browser and then have all your current tabs reopen.

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The Problem

While using Microsoft Edge an issue occurs that moves the New tab + button to the far right of the browser and prevents you from closing the browser with a message “Microsoft Edge is being used for sharing. If you close Microsoft Edge, some items might not be shared.” It will look similar to the below image:

This is a problem that has existed for quite some time, as this Tweet from 2016 shows:

The Solution

Currently this appears to be a bug within either Microsoft Edge or Windows 10 and can not be fixed with out an update from Microsoft. Until a fix is provided, the easiest way to fix this issue is to simply kill the Microsoft Edge program via Task Manager. In the search field next to your Windows button type Task Manger and open it. Once open, simply find Microsoft Edge, right click and select End Task. Microsoft Edge will close and when you open it again it should open with your previous tabs again.

Task Manager
Task Manager

If you have more information regarding this issue, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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18 replies on “How-To Fix Microsoft Edge Is Being Used For Sharing Message”

Just an extremely annoying issue :-). It started for me when I tried moving my tabs around. Now I can’t even do that. :-(. Maybe it is time to leave edge and try it again in a year or so see if they fixed their bugs.

The verbiage of the message itself: “Microsoft Edge is being used for sharing. If you close Microsoft Edge, some items might not be shared.” CERTAINLY implies a security issue! What is being shared? With Whom is it being shared? How can you state that you do not see any reason to suspect that this is security issue? What do you know that allows you to make this statement?
This is Microsoft’s Official explanation of this error:
It does not say anything about why this error occurs or what is or is not being shared. In fact, there isn’t any Microsoft statement on the matter, just an “Independent Advisor” asserting that this is a bug of some sort and referencing another page on Edge Security settings and this page.

If you want to jump to conclusions that it is a security issue with no evidence feel free to. My statement is still the same.

I went through this today on my computer. It really scared me as we’ve had some pretty awful security issues at my workplace with employees stealing client leads.

“the easiest way to fix this issue” – I’m afraid it’s not really a fix. At work, where I often have 10 or more tabs open, whenever I encounter described issue just killing the whole process cannot be considered a “fix”… having to research all over again just to find the same websites I had opened before is unbelievably inconvenient… I hope Microsoft will fix this some day.
Almost every day I encounter this issue, when trying to move a tab to another desktop. I guess it’s time to switch to Firefox.

It is a solution that will allow you to reopen the browser and the same tabs open up. It is not a fix because there is no official fix yet.

My computer did the same thing today. At first I thought it was someone trying to either hack or like the other guy said a security issue. I’m wondering if I should just uninstall Microsoft Edge and reinstall it. Will this help?

It happened to me when I was organizing favorites. I was dragging a favorite to a folder when the drag stopped about halfway down the list. It left the favorite stuck on the screen lying on top of the browser. minimizing and restoring the window still showed the stuck “drag image” on screen. The only way to get rid of it was to close the browser, which is when the message showed about sharing. Hmmm.

Yea same here, I was moving favorites around and when I went to close Edge this message poped up. Wierd Glitch. I now have a favorite glued to my desktop and I cant get rid of it, It bleeds thru all the open pages, It just say the web address I saved as a favorite. I was trying to put the favorite in a folder and for some reason It bled thru the folder and on to my desk top thru the folder exactly where i was moving the favorite to the folder. Just above where the clock icon is on the task bar. The favorite I tried to move isnt in the folder i was trying to put it in. its now on my desk top and I cant remove it.. So no security Issue. just windows 10 at its best. Just a weird glitch..

I was doing the identical thing, so it does sound like a bug. Closing and reopening Edge worked and cleared the stuck image.

I encountered this issue on Windows 10 after moving the location of a browser tab in Edge. After I used Task Manager to stop Edge, I didn’t see the issue again until I once again moved the location of an Edge browser tab. I found the problem completely went away if after I used Task Manager to stop Edge, I then set the “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” mouse setting to “off”.

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