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Written by Brent Wilson on July 12, 2018

As an Alabama resident and news & politics junky, I wanted to put together a good resource of online Alabama news sources. Below are websites that cater specifically to Alabamians along with a brief description of each. The list below is in no particular order and I have excluded local news sites and sites that cater to other state or geographic news. However if you feel I left one out, leave a comment! is the biggest online media publication for the state of Alabama and covers Alabama news in all major cities. is part of the Alabama Media Group which includes major newspapers in Alabama cities among other more targeted media. You can see their brands here.

AL Daily News provides a nice collection of news from the Associated Press regarding Alabama as well as articles written by their own staff. The site provides a daily digest that is easy to quickly scan for those on the run as well as a email subscription to have the news show up in your email.

Alabama News Center provides a variety of Alabama news from around the state of Alabama. The site is owned by Alabama Power and their About Us page describes the site as one of several ways Alabama Power communicates with and advertises to its customers in the rapidly evolving digital age.

Yellowhammer News is a conservative only news source for the state of Alabama. There is not much information easily accessible on the site about them but their Wikipedia page describes Yellowhammer News as an American conservative website that publishes news and political commentary pertaining to Alabama. It is owned by Yellowhammer Media and operated by Yellowhammer Media’s CEO, Alabama native Cliff Sims. In January 2017, Sims accepted a role in President Donald Trump’s administration as assistant communications director for White House messaging, as well as a role as a special assistant to Trump himself.

This Is Alabama is part of the Alabama Media Group (mentioned above under but we thought it needed its own entry due to the unique and personal stories and articles that appear on this site. While not a simple News or Political website, it offers a lot of unique articles directly pertaining to Alabama history, current events and the people who live and work in the state.

Alabama Today is a general news and political website covering all aspects of Alabama. Led by Apryl Marie Fogel, a political activist with over a decade of experience, the Alabama Today team includes freelance news reporters, as well as guest columnists from around the state.

AL Reporter is a five-day-a-week political news site devoted to Alabama politics providing accurate, reliable coverage of policy, elections and government. A political news organization that gives citizens, lawmakers, business leaders and organizations one place where they can find thorough coverage of all the political news that affects our government and our lives

Alabama Political Reporter is an independent, non-partisan media company that has positioned itself, via its robust, interactive website, as the most trusted source for political news, analysis and commentary in the State of Alabama.

You can read more on their About page.




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