How-To Sign Up For Google Analytics

Written by Brent Wilson on June 25, 2018

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular service for tracking statistics on websites and apps. If you run a website or have a blog you more than likely will want to use Google Analytics to keep track on how well your site is performing. If you ever wish to sell your website or app, having data from Google Analytics can make the difference in selling your site for a little or selling it for a lot.

Signing Up For Google Analytics

Signing up for Google Analytics is pretty straight forward.

    1. Open in your browser and you will land on the following page:
    2. In the upper right corner you will click the SIGN IN link to open the following menu:
    3. Click the first link named Analytics which will open a new window asking you to sign in or offering you a link to create an account. We are going to create an account in this guide, however if you already have a Google Account you wish to use, simply sign in here with your account.
    4. After clicking the Create account link above, you will be asked to fill out your information for your new account. You can either choose to use an existing, non Gmail email address or you can create a new Gmail address to use. I am going to use an existing email address I have for this guide. After creating your account you will receive an email with an activation code. Simply copy it to the input field and choose Verify. You will be asked a few more personal questions and then you will complete your new account and be redirected to a Google Analytics landing page.
    5. From the landing page, click the Sign Up button to create your Google Analytics account. You will be brought to a new page that asks for information related to your website or app that you wish to track. Fill out all the information as you wish.

      Under Data Sharing, we have left all options checked. Google owns our soul at this point, so there is no point in not allowing them this little bit of extra data.
    6. After clicking the Get Tracking ID Button you will be asked to confirm that you agree to their terms.
    7. Congratulations! You now have your very own Google Analytics website. You can now take your Google Analytics tracking code and place it on your website or blog.

Feel free to browse around your Google Analytics account, read the various options you have for your account. Google Analytics is very powerful and can allow you to track all kinds of interactions your visitors have with your website.

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